CPD Token: Tokenizing the Building Blocks of The Internet


Modern Internet is now ruled by a few big names. The browser we use, the email, messenger or social media we access, the cloud we store our files, are all monopolized. This is not only making our privacy at stake, but also exposing us to the risk of central point of failure. On the contrary, if we can rearrange certain building blocks of the internet, we can comfortably design a distributed environment of tokenized development, where anyone from any part of the world, can participate and build. At Crypto Powered Development Project or CPD Project, this is what we aim to achieve.


Decentralized architecture with applied Cryptography puts power back in the hand of people, that centralized forces can not tamper with. Historically, we have seen multiple examples of the same. Megaupload was shut down, but BitTorrent was not. E-gold was shut down, but Bitcoin was not. BitTorrent revolutionized the peer to peer file transfer, while Bitcoin revolutionized Money, as we knew it. Ethereum took this to a whole new level. With turing complete blockchain, it opened the opportunity for decentralized applications or dApps. Brave perfectly utilized this opportunity created by Ethereum and created BAT to fix a multi billion dollar industry of in-browser advertisements. We, at Crypto Powered Development Project or CPD Project, found a top-down approach with these existing gems can help us to achieve our aim.


CPD Project will primarily release a privacy focused ad blocking browser, which will be known as CPD Browser and let advertisers allow in-browser private ads to be placed with CPD Token. At its initial stage, CPD Token will be floated as an ERC20 Token. Ad revenue will be equally shared between user and publisher. Once CPD Browser is well spread, we will integrate a lightweight node software, which will be opt-in to activate. This will be the founding stone of CPD Blockchain. CPD Blockchain will be Proof of Stake or PoS and turing complete. Developers will be able to write smart contract on CPD Blockchain and run dApps. Those, who will enable CPD node on CPD Browser, will be able to rent their disk space for CPD Token.

Intrinsic Value Proposition

At its very launch, CPD Token will find its use case in browser based advertisements. There will be no country or KYC barrier for user, advertiser or publisher. Slowly, CPD Token will empower a blockchain, that will enable smart contracts and run dApps on top of it. PoS nature of the Blockchain will incentivise users to enable in-browser node. Users will further be rewarded through CPD Token for renting their disk space to dApps running on CPD Blockchain.


There will only be 21 Million CPD Token, that will ever be available. On the last block before block halving in 2020, i.e. at Bitcoin Block #629999, CPD Token will be airdropped to Bitcoin addresses registered at CPDProject.com, as per BTC holding at that block. Half of the unclaimed CPD Token will be auctioned off against ETH and rest will be held to fund development and marketing. CPD Token auction will be spread over 7 months, from June 2020 to December 2020. In every month, amount of CPD Token on auction will be half of the last month. Genesis distribution of CPD Token will take place on January 3, 2021.


Crypto Powered Development Project is primarily creating a token with finite supply, which will find its utility immediately at launch through CPD Browser. The distributed user base of privacy focussed CPD Browser will be utilised to grow decentralization of CPD Blockchain. Node operators will be incentivised not only against their CPD Token holding through Proof of Stake, but also through CPD Token for renting their disk space to dApps running on CPD Blockchain. CPD Blockchain itself will operate as a platform for smart contract and dApps, which can be used with distributed storage through CPD Token, to decentralize email, messenger, social media or cloud storage in general.