Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we need an Ethereum Address for registration?

CPD Token is going to be an ERC20 token. At genesis distribution, it will be sent to the Ethereum address, which you are using at registration.

2. Why do we need to register a Bitcoin Address after registration?

CPD Token will be airdropped to BTC holders at Bitcoin Block #629999. Only registered Bitcoin addresses will be eligible for this airdrop.

3. Can any Bitcoin Address be registered for CPD Token airdrop?

No. Only legacy Bitcoin address (P2PKH), i.e. an address starting with 1, is allowed to be registered for CPD Token airdrop.

4. How do I sign a message with my Bitcoin address?

To sign a message manually, you need to have private key of the concerned Bitcoin address. With your private key, you can use this tool offline. Otherwise, if your wallet supports signing message with Bitcoin address, you may use that as well. You may find this thread on BitcoinTalk to be handy to sign message using various wallets.

5. How does a Signed Message look like?

If you have used this tool, it would return something like the following.

This is an example of a signed message.

'HOVqOmjE/I1icznsK/Wap2Fy0HkKy5RRX9F+XBZL71yRkukF9GvRKZ1LZAcbAH3wD1bJsuESuHTERggZOOn3UhM=' is your signed message.

6. Will I automatically get CPD Token if I have BTC at my registered Bitcoin Address at Block #629999?


7. Apart from airdrop to Bitcoin holders, is there any way to acquire CPD Token?

Yes. After airdrop to BTC holders, CPD Token will be auctioned off against ETH.

8. How will the auction against ETH take place?

Auction will start as soon as the claim process for airdrop is over, i.e. on June 1, 2020. Total amount of CPD Token, that will be auctioned off, can be determined only after the claim process for airdrop is over. Amount of CPD Token, being auctioned off, will be half at the end of every month. Auction will continue till December 31, 2020. There will be 7 months of auction, where at each month CPD Token, being auctioned, will be half of the last month.

9. When genesis distribution will take place for CPD Token?

Genesis distribution will take place on January 3, 2021, the same day when Genesis transaction took place on Bitcoin Blockchain 12 years ago.

10. I have got my referral link from dashboard. How does the referral work?

You will get 10% of whoever you refer. If the person you referred got CPD Token through airdrop, you will get 10% of that. If the person you referred invest ETH to participate in auction, you will get 10% of that as well.

11. Total supply of BTC and CPD Token is same. If 100% BTC is claimed in CPD Token airdrop, how will you pay the 10% extra referral?

At Bitcoin Block #629999, the total amount of BTC in circulation will be less than 90% of total supply, i.e. 21 million. Hence, paying 10% referral will never be an issue.

12. Can I refer to myself?

Yes. You can.

13. Can I change my Ethereum address, Bitcoin address or Password at a later date?

No. You can not.

14. I have BTC at multiple Bitcoin addresses. How do I register all of them?

Create a new account for each one.

15. Is it a scam?

Time will tell. In any case, please do read our Whitepaper.

16. Anything else that I should know?

Here is a 100 ETH Puzzle for all the smart people out there.